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The wider elastic waistband is what they put on a lot of women's untailored pants, which, since I'm a woman, is probably why I didn't even notice the change in these pants, and why it doesn't bother me - as a woman, I've come to expect all kinds of "innovations" in waistbands, some good, most bad.  I use these in a size small for casual around the house and garden stuff, and they fit me fine.  They were long before I washed them, but after one wash and dry, they hit the top of my foot - I'm 5'4" and wear a woman's 31" inseam - so I guess if you're long legged you'll like these as far as length goes.  My husband wears a medium or large in these and he's 5'11" and the inseam is okay for him, too, after washing.  So, as I said, we like these lightweight jersey pants for very casual wear, we find them comfortable, and durable (haven't found any problem with the waistband unraveling).  Like most all clothing nowadays, it's hard to figure out what size you ought to order or what size the clothes will turn out to be after washing - it's a pain in the arse, but as far as these pants go, in our house, they do what we expected them to do, so we're pleased.  It's a crapshoot: you won't know if you'll like them until you try them out for yourself.  Just bear in mind re: the length, they do shrink several inches, not much in width.  Good luck.  Hope you get a good pair, one that you like.
   Paloma Duarte
Love these and fits great. I am very satisfied
   Annabelle Dela Cruz Sacdalan

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